Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival returns! 10-20 March 2022 ?

The 24th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival will be held from Thursday 10 to Sunday 20 March, abiding by all health and safety protocols in force, in both physical spaces and online. Within the framework of the 24th TDF, 233 full-length and short film documentaries will be screened, at the time-honored home ground of the Festival, Olympion and Pavlos Zannas theaters, as well as in the movie theaters Frida Liappa, Tonia Marketaki, John Cassavetes and Stavros Tornes, at the Port of Thessaloniki. In addition, the audience will have the opportunity to watch films online through the Festival’s digital platform,

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Click here to download the physical screenings

Click here to download the online screenings


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