Thessaloniki of the arts

Thessaloniki of the arts

Music has always been a significant part of Thessaloniki’s multicultural character. Different genres from distant lands have reached this place and they were mixed with Greek styles producing charming unusual results. It’s not uncommon to hear a virtuoso from Iran playing a qanun [a large Middle East instrument] or a band from Chile playing their exotic music in Aristotelous Square.

Music & Thessaloniki today

Continuation of Musical heritage of Thessaloniki are now the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki, with very important activity, the Department of Music Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, public, municipal and private conservatories, the Music School of Thessaloniki, orchestras, bands, choirs of cultural associations, etc. and the city's ornament, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. Its own children constantly fueling the Greek music scene with musicians, composers, lyricists, singers of each musical style, continuing the musical tradition. Open to the world music, Thessaloniki today has many places with live Greek and foreign music for every taste. Concerts, events, music happenings, tributes, are constantly organized.

If you want to experience the Greek music, for which so many have you heard, in the music scenes of Thessaloniki you will enjoy from bouzouki with folk and rebetiko repertoire to artistic, Greek rock, pop, rap etc. The music calendar of Thessaloniki is full all year long and will surely satisfy your musical wanderings in the city!

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