Experience…like a local

Experience…like a local

Resurrection at Agios Dimitrios, Agia Sophia or the Monastery of Vlatades?

The Holy Temple of Profitis Ilias may have the most views on social media, but the Resurrection Divine Liturgy and the “Christ is Risen” have their own real and special mystagogy in three different temples of the city. In the Monastery of Vlatades there is the whole view of the illuminated Thessaloniki under the light of the candles held by the congregants. In “Agia Sophia” (Holy of Wisdom of God) the image of the precinct with the congregants and the countless lit candles is impressive. In Agios Dimitrios the imposingness of the church and the Byzantine atmosphere is always in the heart of history, of the inhabitants and unites the traditions of yesterday and today.


Holy Friday: At the Epitaphs of the city


The Epitaph of Saint Minas

It is the Epitaph that precedes all the other temples and is the peculiarity, a special custom of Thessaloniki, on Holy Friday. It starts at 5.00 p.m. in the Shopping Center of Thessaloniki giving the opportunity to shopkeepers, customers, tourists and residents of the Shopping and Historic Center to participate by following the procession. The Epitaph of Agios Minas also passes through Tsimiski Street.

At Agios Nikolaos Orphanos

It is without a doubt the most overnight visit on Holy Week. World Cultural Heritage Site, on the northeast side of the Walls of Thessaloniki. Time Travel. In Byzantium. In the painting of the Palaeologian Renaissance. Murals of unparalleled beauty and value (1314). On the surface of the walls the miracles and the Passions. See the most expressive: The one with the “Kiss of Judas”. Also pay attention to the yard. With benches and birds. Secret and unknown to many.

The Epitaph of Rotunda

It is considered special because it is one of the few religious events held at the monument in recent years. For the congregants who choose the Rotunda (a church dedicated to St. George) it has been characterized as a unique experience of immersion and grandeur. The procession takes place around the monument.

The Epitaphs in Nea Mesimvria of Thessaloniki

In Nea Mesimvria of Thessaloniki, on Holy Friday, the two Epitaphs of the parishes, after their procession in the streets, meet in the cemeteries. There, residents light candles on their loved ones who have passed away.

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