Easter Getaways

Easter Getaways

Embrace the Mystical Spirit of Easter in Halkidiki

With respect to the Greek traditions and customs, Halkidiki is an excellent location to celebrate Easter. Dressed in the cheerful colors of spring and committed to the local customs, Halkidiki provides the ideal scenery for an Easter getaway. Although all villages celebrate the biggest religious holiday in Greece with the utmost devoutness, each community is identified by special traditions.

Traditional Easter in Olympus Riviera, Pieria

Easter in Olympus Riviera, Pieria hides many surprises for both young and old. Various events take place in various regions throughout the Prefecture, reviving customs and traditions. Pieria offers guests unique choices for all seasons. So, Easter, whether you choose the mountain or the sea for your stay, the distances are relatively small and you can watch various events and customs.

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