Kapani: The fish market

Kapani: The fish market

Kapani or Vlali Market is the oldest traditional market in Thessaloniki and is located in the centre of the city  . The market buildings are two-storey, while some of the sidewalks are covered.

The name "Kapani" comes from the phrase "Un Kapan" meaning flour market.

The Kapani, like other markets belonging to the foundation of Bayezid II ,existed from the late 15 th century.

From the early 20 th century the market is no longer a flour market, but a market for various products with small shops, taverns, coffee shops etc. 

It is characterized as a historic site, due to its importance in the commercial life of the city over the centuries and the homogeneity in the morphology of buildings.

Due to its special era, Kapani is the orientation of major events of the city such as Kapani Project.

The KAPANI PROJECT is a fresh and multidimensional cultural action in the city of Thessaloniki.

Kapani is certainly a place of interaction where tradition meets creativity, society and professional mobility.

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