Modiano Market: Unique tastes and products, all under one roof

Modiano Market: Unique tastes and products, all under one roof

Welcome to Agora Modiano!

The Modiano Market, located at the city center, bringing to life a unique building full of history, is now open.

 For over 80 years, this authentic Greek marketplace located in the heart of Thessaloniki, has been providing customers with a unique shopping experience, offering an array of locally sourced products, from fresh produce and meats to traditional Greek delicacies.

The mission of this new generation of Modiano Market is to offer its visitors exquisite Greek and multicultural experiences, while creating a unique atmosphere of hospitality, gastronomy, and entertainment. Modiano Market brings together the old and the new, while celebrating the best of Greek culture and heritage.

Customers can find everything from traditional Greek recipes to unique gourmet foods, providing the highest quality products and services, while maintaining a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere. The market also offers a wide selection of international products, including imported wines, cheeses, and specialty items. Modiano Market is the perfect place to find something special, with its friendly and knowledgeable staff always available to help. Whether you're looking to find something traditional or something new, Modiano Market is the place to go.

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