4+1 places to enjoy your coffee overlooking the Thermaic Gulf

4+1 places to enjoy your coffee overlooking the Thermaic Gulf

Drinking coffee in one of the locals’ all-time favorite habit.  In fact, is kind of a ritual almost for every Greek and definitely a part of Thessalonians lifestyle.

Here’s our list with 4+1 places to blend in with the locals and enjoy the coffee experience in Thessaloniki, accompanied by the endless blue of the Thermaic Gulf.


The sea, the sky, the view, the flavors, the people and the music! These are the reasons why Allegro Café will steal your heart. Located on the 5th floor of the M2 building of Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Allegro operates from the morning hours as a café, offering uninterrupted view of the blue.

Kitchen bar

What about a small "coffee break" in the area of the port of Thessaloniki? Greek coffee, cold brew, alternative flair, fresh brunch, homemade cake - you will find all this in Kitchen bar. Take a front row seat, order your coffee and gaze across the skyline of the Thermaic Gulf.

Cruise cafes

Sightseeing #thessaloniki in the most refreshing way! Either cruising the waters of Thermaikos Gulf or anchored right in front of the White Tower, the floating cafés are always there, as an essential part of the city’ s seascape. All on board!

Ciel Bar

It combines an industrial luxury with distinctive naval elements, honoring the history of the “Friends of the Sea” Club that hosts it.Located at the most beautiful part of the city, right next to the sea, Ciel Bar with its unique style and cosmopolitan mood travels you to its own special world. A world full of tastes, flavors, music and feelings.

Skyline Café

It lives up to its name: Skyline café is the first place that comes to mind when thinking of a café with panoramic views. Located in heart of the city, on the top floor of the OTE Tower, it offers a panoramic view of the city’s most important sights during a gradual rotation of the tower which lasts 60 minutes.

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