Top 5 things to enjoy on winter days in Thessaloniki

Top 5 things to enjoy on winter days in Thessaloniki

1. Visiting the museums

From the archaeological treasures of Macedonia, Byzantine heritage and contemporary art in photographic clicks, the Olympic Games and the Orient Express, the more than 30 museums in Thessaloniki containing within them the course, evolution and creativity of the city. Add an extra layer of clothesand get ready to explore the city's countless museums. Find out all the museums of Thessaloniki here.

2. Winter sunsets at the promenade

As the weather cools down and crowds dwidle, you 'll have the chance to discover the city beyond its familiar sun-kissed facade.

During winter days, the promenade of Thessaloniki is not so crowdy, giving you the chance to enjoy a winter walk or explore the seafront on 2 wheels with the port and the White Tower in the background. This is your chance to find the umbrellas of Zongolopoulos quiet during sunset, since it is one of the most famous meeting points of the city on Summer days.

3. Nearby Escape: Relaxation or adventure? Or maybe both!

For all who wish to enjoy a respite from the busy city life and the healings of the hot bath waters, Loutra Pozar is the place to be. More here.

Those who are in search of adrenaline should head to Imathia and let the ski resorts do the rest! Spend your day skiing or snowboarding, admire the wild yet friendly nature, taste the local cuisine and live the experience of Greek hospitality...differently! 

In any case we've got you covered!

4.The coffe experience - like locals do!

If you've had enough of exploring Thessaloniki outdoors, it's the perfect time to blend in with the locals and see yourself that coffee in this city s a whole new experience. Choose among the uncountable cafes that offer warmth and local desserts and - trust us- you will not feel lonely even for a second! Drink slowly, loosely, without haste, like ‘impose’ the Thessaloniki’s coffee culture, enjoying the moment, the company, the sea or a game of backgammon!

5. The magic of Christmas has the glow of Thessaloniki

The exquisite adornment of the city promises us the most romantic strolls around. It is impossible to exclude from them the magnificent bird-eye views of Aristotle Square, the beautiful Agias Sophias’ pedestrian shopping street with the Christmas lights shimmer above heads, the village of Santa Claus at Dikastirion Square, the bright circled decoration at Mitropoleos Str. and the seafront illuminated by modern light installations.

From festive bazaars overflowing with Christmas cheer to dazzling theatrical spectacles and family thrills plus recipes to sweet the holiday season – there’s enough Yuletide action going on in Thessaloniki this year to jingle all your bells and promise you the most impressive Christmas…ever!


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