An escape to Lake Kerkini

An escape to Lake Kerkini

The suspended step, the colors, the sounds ... A living painting or just ... Kerkini!

In the prefecture of Serres, you can find the Lake Kerkini with its unique nature preserve, which was declared National Park under the International Ramsar Convention and is one of the 10 wetlands of International Importance in Greece. An ideal place for bird watching, since about 300 species of rare and protected birds live and breed here. Uniquely beautiful is also the spectacle of the buffalos when they cool in water, since at the Lake Kerkini lives the largest number of buffalos in Greece.

The riparian plantations consisting of riparian forests of wild willows, the suspended water-lilies expanded in a surface of thousands hectares, the fish high diversity, the buffalos swimming in lake’s calm water and the great mountainous areas of Belles and Krousia give a unique grace to this land.

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