Rediscovering Thessaloniki's Most Beautiful Golf Course

Rediscovering Thessaloniki's Most Beautiful Golf Course


by Jordan Fuller

Thessaloniki is dripping with history and surrounded by breathtaking views. If you’re looking for something to do, it won’t be hard to find activities that will stimulate the mind and give you a bit of exercise.

For the golfers, there may not be many options, but Thessaloniki’s closest course is well worth a visit for a round.

#1 Olive Grove Golf Course

Situated in the picturesque landscape of Halkidiki, with stunning panoramic views of the mountains and the Aegean Sea, is a golf course that is admired by golfers around the globe. Situated 120 km away from Thessaloniki, it’s the closest course, and the first and only golf course in Northern Greece.

The Olive Grove Golf Course was originally designed as a 9-hole course by Geoffrey Cornish and William Robinson in 1974. In 2003, Roy McRay renovated this iconic golf course which now hosts some of the world's top International Championships.

Designed to be played by golfers of every level, this short 5554-meter undulating course will offer plenty of challenges with awe-inspiring views. You’ll find the well-placed, strategic ponds and barriers will put your swing and skill to the test.

Before stepping out onto the course you can use the practice bunker , head to one of the two driving ranges to practice your swing, or even spend some time in the golf simulator .

#2 What do you need to know

Visitors are welcomed to come and play a round of golf, even if you’re not staying at the Porto Carras Resort. You’d need to take care to wear golf shoes that have soft spikes and you’d also need to make sure that you book your round of golf in advance.

You can also have a look at the website to see if they’re hosting any major PGA tournaments when you’re in Halkidiki, and this may help you to plan your round of golf or even become a spectator for a day.

You can decide if you want to play the first 9 and walk the course, taking in more of the partly wooded hills, or you can hire a golf cart and play the full 18 holes.

#3 - Things To Do When You’re Finished

Thessaloniki is filled with history, and you can still see remnants of it scattered throughout the city. You can start your day by taking a tour of the White Tower , where you can climb the spiral staircase and learn about the history of Thessaloniki.

From here, you can walk 5 kilometers to Aristotelous Square, where you have restaurants and cafes as well as themed gardens, like Alexander the Great Garden and the Garden of Sculptors, Sound, Water, and more.

It’s definitely worth going to the Rotunda of Galerius , which is one of Thessaloniki’s oldest monuments. You’ll also be fascinated by the Arch of Galerius, where you can look at the decorated battle scenes on the remaining two pillars and arch.

If you have a love for history, take a trip to Ana Polis which is the oldest part of Thessaloniki. A fire destroyed most of the city in 1917, and even today they’re still uncovering new archaeological finds.

You’ll find the Eptapirgion to be fascinating, as this is an ancient fortress and prison that has 7 towers. Take a walk through years of history!


Thessaloniki may not be a golfer’s paradise, but it is certainly a treasure of history and culture. Golfers shouldn’t miss playing a round on the first golf course to be built in Northern Greece - it makes for great sport and with views like that, you won’t even mind if you miss a shot or two!

Bio: Jordan Fuller is a golf enthusiast who has been fortunate enough to play at a vast range of clubs and courses, both in his home country and others during his travels. He shares his love for and knowledge of the sport at Golf Influence .


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