The blue flag beaches of Thessaloniki

The blue flag beaches of Thessaloniki

When you’re looking to go on a beach holiday the sight of a Blue Flag beach is a sign that you have arrived at one of the best beach spots in the world.

For more than two years now, Greece has held the second place in the world for the number of beaches with Blue Flags. The number of beaches rose from 581 in 2022 to 617 in 2023, losing second place only to Spain. This is the first time Greece has surpassed 600 which is about 15% of the total number of beaches awarded with the Blue Flag emblem.

A beach in order to receive the Blue Flag eco-label must meet certain criteria which are as follows: the beach must have excellent water quality but also meet a total of 33 criteria concerning cleanliness, environmental management and awareness, various amenities, services, information about them and most importantly the safety of visitors.

Just a breath away from Thessaloniki, you can find irresistible blues in one of the 13 beaches that have also been awarded with the Blue Flag status for high water quality standards!

Here’s the list with the beaches nearby Thessaloniki:

Municipality of Volvi:

  • Asprovalta
  • Nea Vrasna
  • Paralia Vrasnon
  • Porto Fino
  • Serraiki Akti
  • Stavros East
  • Stavros West
  • Stavros Central


Thermaikos Municipality

  • Agia Triada/PIKPA
  • Michaniona-Tourmpali
  • Nei Epivates
  • Peraia-Kochyli
  • Peraia - Plateia Mnimis


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