Trigona Panoramatos: The ultimate Thessalonian delicacy

Trigona Panoramatos: The ultimate Thessalonian delicacy

Let’s be honest – when people think of the city of Thessaloniki, food probably is the first thing they think of. Like any other country, each and every part of Greece has its regional food delicacies. So does Thessaloniki. This is why it is called the Food Capital of Greece. Some delicacies can be traced back hundreds of years. They may not be that well-known around the world, but are nonetheless delicious!

One of such delicacy is “Filo triangle filled with cream “. A very special dessert which has a very unique and smooth taste. What draws somebody to it,  is its amazing creme. It’s thick but fluffy with a satin texture and a balanced sweetness.

The story " Trigona from Panorama" still exists for 50 years. The Thessalonians, especially on Sundays, go uphill in Panorama (northern suburb of Thessaloniki) to enjoy the excellent sweet. The visitors are coming to the city ... informed and seek to enjoy their unique sweetness with its crisp sheet and the wonderful cream. It will be unforgettable!

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