8+1 spots to enjoy sunset

8+1 spots to enjoy sunset

One of Thessaloniki´s magical plans are, undoubtedly, sunsets. Whether you enjoy watch the sun dip behind the horizon away from the crowd or you prefer a front row seat on a sand beach, prepare your cameras for such-an-Instagram-moment!

Heptapyrgion Fortress

Wander through the picturesque alleys of Ano Poli and the old houses with the blooming gardens until you reach the highest point of the Upper Town, the Heptapyrgion Fortress, and the unexpected openings to the panoramic view during sunset.

Port of Thessaloniki

With a vibrant lifestyle, crowdy day and night, the Port of Thessaloniki can be the favorite sunset spot for those who enjoy socializing all together.

port thessaloniki
                                                               Ⓒ John Triantafillopoulos

Seih Sou Urban Forest

5 minutes from the center of the city, at Saint Paul district, you will find "Seih Sou", a nature oasis where you can hike, or bike, or walk and enjoy a short break from the city vibe. Either on foot or on bike, follow the forest paths and end up at the higher spot of the forest, where you can chill out and enjoy the nature and the view to the city and the sea.

seih sou
                                                             Ⓒ Gkamprani Pinelopi

The Umbrellas 

Nothing pairs better with a sunset than …the Umbrellas! The city’s favorite sculpture, almost “dancing” underneath the last rays of the sun! A unique photo memorabilia!

The Alysseos Tower

Ascending to the circular Tower, part of Thessaloniki’s walls, will reward you with the wonderful view it has to offer. Lay back at the area’s picturesque cafés and small taverns and watch the colorful hues slowly tuck behind the calmness of Thermaic Gulf and Mt. Olympus.

 trigoniou tower



Enjoy a peaceful sunset at Krini’s Marina where the sprawling coastline allows everyone to  grab a seat to watch the spectacular light show unfold before their eyes. Make sure you have your cameras with you because that is definitely going to be such an Instagram moment!

Mini cruise of the Thermaic Gulf

What about enjoying your drink on the cruise ships of Thermaicos Gulf while spying on the Comrade Pirates? The city lights reflect on the Thermaic Gulf and the upbeat music picks will make you smile while you're sailing towards the sunset.

Thessaloniki Concert Hall

It’s the colors of Mediterranean sun fading away into the sea, or the depth of the horizon touching Olympus the artistic touch of one of the most impressive city buildings that will make you fall in love and be overwhelmed with feelings the exact moment sun bids farewell to the city.

concert hall

Peraia beach

With an undisturbed view of the horizon, Perea beach, located at the Municipality of Thermaicos, is the ideal place to enjoy a 180-degree view of the coast. Sit on the sandy beach or reserve a first-row table and watch splashes of brilliant pinks, purples, blues, yellows, and oranges spread across the sky.



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